itservices   Performing IT services today means to have enough flexibility to read in the minds and hearts of our clients. PC Doctor has an embedded passion in solving problems such as network failures, computer crashes and disaster recovery. We are use to the heavy duty workload but we are gentle with the machines and their owners.

Among other servcies, our core strengths feature:

Network Setup and Configuration: we can configure a network from scratch with automatic backups and servers or we can input our expertise on existing networks. We pride ourselves in supporting small business and large homes;

Computer Repair: as we have studied for years computers and their hardware parts, we can perform repairs and upgrades on Windows, Macs and Linux machines. We can also upgrade laptops and salvage their data if they have just crashed.

Network Security: with all that is currently going on on the Internet world, we like to secure networks with a particular emphasis on customizing the security of network environments;

Server Setup: servers and routers are the only ones that run all the services we need. Therefore, we aim at building and deploying secure servers on Windows and Linux environments;

Cloud Services: no matter if you have decided for a public or a private cloud, we can even design a hybrid approach that protects users and administrators of a cloud service;

Back Up Strategies: given that the majority of users do not backup their computers often, we are here to educate them on the best practices to save their data before that a disaster occurs.

Internet Security: Pc Doctor provides website and DNS security and implements a safe browsing environment for individual users and business owners.