There are different approaches to troubleshooting a computer, but one thing should be out of discussion: all computers should be properly backed up by users or network administrators before they crash.

Unfortunately in most of the cases users do not back up their machines, because they simply forgot to do it, or because they do not want to be bothered, or, rather, because nobody told them how to back up their files. Pc Doctor Vermont is a team of certified computer technicians that aim at educating people that with the right resources and information, computers can also be fun and not only tools to perform day to day tasks.

Think about it for a minute: if users did really know that all the times that their computer’s crash could be avoided with the right prevention and maintenance steps, they would have saved money and not bought another computer simply because there would have not been the need for it. On the manufacturer side, there is always less willingness to teach users how to back up and recover their machines. Desktops and laptops today come shipped almost with no DVD player at all, and when the disaster arises, people don’t know what to do or whom to call.

On the Internet side, viruses are multiplicating every day and even Macs risk to get infected. A good approach to security is the one that takes into consideration users’ habits, hardware at disposal and resources to fight back infections. It is a lot to ask but we are engaged in an Internet war where viruses can spread at the speed of one new virus every 4 seconds.

In this scenario, Windows itself as operating system is the one to be more attacked because it is still the most popular among users and businesses. But things are changing and IT experts today have more flexibility in designing better networks, because what is today at stake is not only buying and implementing more security, but the awareness that the fight against malware needs also users’s education. Getting rid of malware cannot be won by putting more security into a network; this enduring battle requires IT consultants to adjust their knowledge to the requirements of the network they administer and to inform network users on the best security practices.