Macs are by nature solid-built and reliable machines. However, over time something may go wrong.

They have the tendency to hang, the colored beach ball spins forever and may enter into kernel panic. When users buy new Macs, they have the tendency to get the bar minimum hardware that comes with the machines.They purchase a standard 1TB hard drive with 4 or 8 GB of memory. Then throughout the years things and user habits change. The owner of the Apple computer gets a new job and even become a web designer. Well, the configuration of the MAC that was purchased year ago will not be able to handle anymore the new workload that the new job requires, such as video editing and web design creation. New software would need to be installed in the new computer but the memory or the hard drive will get clogged. In this very common scenario, it is not easy to upgrade Macs because these computers are manufactured today in a stand-alone aluminium case that does not allow upgrades.

On the other hand, if upgrades are not possible in an older machines there are apps that can free space in your MAC and remove language files from all your software. Apps that clean Macs can free up to 5 GB of space which is nice if we have in mind to lessen the burden of our machines. The creation of Icloud and other cloud services allows users to transfer files to the cloud so that Macs have less load on their hard drive and they are safer because if the computer crashes or becomes unusable, they will be able to retrieve their files from the Cloud.

Another issue that Mac users often face is that after they have upgraded the OS X, some of the features of their computer do not work any more. It is already publicly known the problems that users are having after having upgraded from Maverick to Yosemite, especially regarding the wireless, that seems not working properly. Moreover, after having upgraded to the new OS some apps previously created by Apple disappeared or third-party software such as an older version of Microsoft Office does not work any more.

The perfect computer does not exist: it is mandated to the user to get the right information about a minimal troubleshooting or call IT companies who can try to solve the problem for them. Even Macs which are popular for lasting longer than other computers for their very well engineered hardware may get strange after upgrades or installation of new software.