I have already an antivirus installed on my computer, so my computer cannot get a virus. Well, this statement is wrong. A virus can still enter your machine and hide within your files.

There are several reasons why a virus can infect your computer despite the fact you already have an antivirus installed. If you fail to keep your antivirus signatures up to date, then any new virus may be able to get installed in your system.

Moreover, if the real time feature of your antivirus software is turned off or deactivated, then a virus can make it to your computer because you are not shielded up against real time havocs. This normally happens when you have a free antivirus installed.

If you have been running your computer and connecting it to the Internet before getting your antivirus, a virus may have already found an easy way to get in and it may be hard to get it out.

Another myth about computer viruses that needs to be debunked is that viruses may harm the hardware components of your machine. This is false, since viruses attack other software and not the hardware. Simply put, viruses may drive crazy the computer hardware by letting the printer to print randomly and the computer to turn on and off without our intervention. So many mistakes and bad decisions have been made by users when they have decided to throw away computers whose hardware went crazy because of a virus, which is nothing else than a piece of malicious software. Software helps or does not help hardware to perform its tasks and it is inappropriate to state that viruses can damage the hardware.

Viruses do not hide behind computer files or images but only behind programs because they are programs themselves that need to be executed and run. In other words, a virus can be hidden inside a PDF or a Word file but they are not yet written to spread through gif or jpeg files.

As already stated, do not install two or more antivirus programs, because your computer will crash. If you want to switch between antivirus software, that will be totally fine, as long as you are not installing two antivirus together. A good combination would be to install an antivirus, an antimalware and a good antispyware product.

As you can now see, there are many companies producing and marketing antiviruses. It is then left to the user to make a smart decision about which product to use. Users should look at the usability of the user’s interface, ease of installation and antimalware response percentage.