January 2015


Why Windows Updates Are So Important

Every operating system, including Windows, is a phenomenal output of the human brain. It consists of millions of lines of code that make our digital life better and…


Have you Ever Tried to Build Your Own Computer?

It is increasingly popular to build your own computer. In many cases, we see young fellows trying to learn how to create their own dream machine.


Looking at Common Computer Virus Symptoms

Computers are great machines that ease our digital life, but all of a sudden they can stop working and leave us with many other things unaccomplished. There are…


How to Develop Good Computer Habits

All of us remember when we got our first car, the first computer and……….. the first computer virus. If your computer got one or more viruses, that is…


How Businesses Should Respond to Malware

Really good security is supposed to protect a business, but lately it seems that malware, spam and botnets have been infecting several networks. The problem is also compounded…


Debunking Myths About Computer Viruses

I have already an antivirus installed on my computer, so my computer cannot get a virus. Well, this statement is wrong. A virus can still enter your machine…


Is Your Windows Computer Acting Up?

There are different approaches to troubleshooting a computer, but one thing should be out of discussion: all computers should be properly backed up by users or network administrators…


Is Your Network Really Safe?

   Few people know that most of the infections can be stopped at the network level before they arrive to threaten computers and laptops.


Is Your Mac Having Issues?

   Macs are by nature solid-built and reliable machines. However, over time something may go wrong.